Current owner focused on 3 key aspects in planning phase:
- Quality
- Low living cost
- Design
It is not easy to combine those 3 attributes, sometimes they are mutually exclusive, however he almost made it work and created so unique property that is unprecedented on real estate market. You may find a house that is bigger, a house that is more cost-effective or a house that has the same modern technologies, but you cannot find a single-story house that has all of this plus a swimming pool with gorgeous garden and a big double-garage so close to the center of Prague. It goes without saying, that the owner must have invested a considerable sum of money in the house, therefore it is not a property for anyone. It is for someone who wants comfort, quality, a representative house and does not have the time to build it himself.
The house is fully furnished, not with classical European furniture, but with exclusive furniture from South-East Asia, made from 100% natural materials, teak, genuine rattan, mango and other exotic woods. The furniture is leased from, therefore if the new owner does not like the style, it is possible to carry away, otherwise it can be arranged to design and provide further furniture and accessories via the store’s proprietor, Mrs. Aafjes.
If you want to spend the rest of your life on vacation, you can enjoy both the exotic feeling with edge-cutting modern technology and all of that near to the very heart of Czech Republic.


The house is very energy efficient, the living costs (water, electricity, trash) are about 2 500 Kč, which is also good for the environment.


Smart home is a great assistant, when correctly programmed it can do a lot of mundane tasks for the owner.


Other than the heated pool and fitness, which you can create in one of the 5 rooms, there is an infra sauna for 4 people.


There are both classical plants like rhododendrons, red chestnuts or bracken and exotic plants like yuccas, banana trees, bamboos and even frost-resistant palms in the garden.

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Quality in materials and realization

The house is built with exceptional materials. The current owner preferred stone, wood, concrete and glass instead of plastic and other substitutes. The only exception are places that required it for practical purposes.

  • The house is built with 12-25 cm thick extruded bricks Porotherm, coated with 20 cm thick polystyrene for temperature control.
  • Venetian roof, done with concrete roof tiles Euronit Extra with 30 years warranty. These roof tiles are, due to their shape, both traditional and modern. The smart design of the venetian roof allows for 30 m2 attic, high enough even for a tall person. Thanks to the natural ventilation of the roof, there is no risk of condensation.
  • Gypsum plaster can breathe, absorb moisture and release it later, control temperature, making a pleasant climate inside and equal temperature inside walls as in air. Gypsum is natural, ecological and safe material, it’s surface repulses dust making it ideal for someone with allergies.
  • Colors weren’t overlooked either and are painted in 4 layers! Their high endurance towards smearing makes for a long time without the need to paint over them. The colors are Primalex’s top shelf - Inspiro and Fortissimo in natural brown shades (Arab Mocca, Beige Kashmir and Swing)
  • The bathroom is tiled with Venetian tiles from renowned plaster in Brno, Mr. Nejezchleba, who is booked out for a year in advance. In accord with owner’s wishes, the tiles are chalk white, which lets the exotic aspects of the bathroom to stand out. A big advantage of those tiles is how easy they are cleaned, which adds to the overall hygiene in the bathroom.
  • Floor of the bathrooms and toilets is tiled with modern Italian brand of tiles,Khadi, featuring structured surface with high smearing resistance PEI IV. The living room, kitchen and hall is tiled with wide tiles from Czech manufacturer Rako. Thanks to the special manufacturing process HD print it is indistinguishable from real stone tiles.
  • Plasterboard ceilings are in 2-4 layers, multi-level, adding to interesting room design. In bathrooms and toilets, the ceiling is moisture-proof and in other rooms “red” – with higher fire resistance.
  • Windows are, due to their dimensions, plastic, however the best quality from Austrian manufacturer. 6 chamber, double isolated, frames with three-layered glass warrant long-time stability, no condensation and great insulation. The windows were installed by Oknoplastik, a company with great customer service.
  • The kitchen is tailor made using quality materials. Laminate is either structured, perfect imitation of wood or from acrylate, the most durable material used in kitchens. It is easily cleaned and barely catches fingerprints. All hinges and flaps are from Blum, with life-time warranty. The kitchen includes all necessary appliances: induction hob with hood, smart owen, microwave owen, dishwasher and fridge with freezer – twice – to provide sufficient food storage unit. All appliances are Electrolux, energy efficiency A or A+! The kitchen also features “breakfast cabinet” with drawers for toasters, waffle-makers, etc. to keep the kitchen clean at all times.
  • Doors are non-rebated, so closed doors blend in and do not take additional space. They are also modern looking and elegant. Knobs and locks are both from stainless steel and every door has its own cylinder insert.


Do you like the house?



Smart home is a great assistant, when correctly programmed it can do a lot of mundane tasks for the owner.

  • For example, when the house alarm is turned on, the house will turn off all its lights and if it is dark outside, it will close all the blinds. You don’t have to control everything! In the night, lights in the floor illuminate way to the toilet, so you don’t have to switch the lights on. In case of a fire alarm, it will automatically open all blinds, making it easier to escape. You can make your own light scenes, program garden irrigation. The options are countless, enough for its own website. This technology is driven by open source engine Fibaro, which makes it possible for you to add appliances to your smart home by purchasing additional modules, for example at You are not limited to one manufacturer, which lowers the cost and expands availability.
  • Jablotron is renowned not only here, but worldwide. That is why their security system is installed in this house as well. The security system is connected to the smart home one-way only, meaning that smart home can read information from security system, but the security system cannot be hacked through the smart home. The system is connected to CPD (Central Protection Desk), which secures your home by private security and the police while you are away. The detailed security aspects will be disclosed to the new owner only in person for security reasons.
  • The heating is done by Panasonic air/water heat pump combined with floor heating. The only disadvantage of this system is the initial cost, otherwise it is the best heating system that currently exists. The model used in this house can even cool down the house by 2-3˚C without the feeling of cold floor. However, that will be needed only in case of extreme temperatures. On the other hand, in case of extreme cold the heating unit’s heating coil guarantees heat up to -40 ˚ In the case of power outage, the anhydrous pump will make sure you will not even notice a whole day of power outage. In extreme cases, you can use the fireplace insert.
  • The fireplace insert is meant for passive houses with external air supply. It has extreme calorific value (6 kW). In case of broken floor heating, it can heat the whole house. The fireplace insert was chosen mainly with design in mind as its primary use will be for romantic or family evenings in cold weather.
  • The swimming pool dominates the garden, which is heated by the heat pump, which directs most of the heat in the winter months to the floor heating, however it will prolong pool season in spring and fall. For example, in early April, the water can be about 25 ˚ Furthermore, the pool is chlorine-less, using UV lamp to kill most known germs. All the pool technology is located in technical room in garage, making the maintenance super easy. Hand in hand with automatic cleaning robot, you can have crystal clear and warm water 8 months a year!
  • If you love music, you will appreciate audio cables in the master bathroom, terrace and of course the possibility to install speakers onto the ceiling in the living room, achieving Dolby Atmos surround sound.
  • The house is also equipped with rack, which distributes internet cables to the whole house, so you can connect to broadband instead of Wi-Fi, which is enabled as well. Internet plugs are ready wherever computers or televisions can be expected, in almost every room, including bathroom. TV antenna is distributed as well and can be connected to satellite, land transmission or cable TV. Big advantage is connection to fiber cable internet, providing exceptional speed up to 100 Mbit/s.
  • A person needs air and water to live. Always fresh and clean air is provided by recuperation, about which you can learn more here. Water circulation in the house is done very sophistically, with environment in mind and due to water shortage, economically. The house is connected both to the local water supply and to the well. Conduits in the technical room allow for the water from the well to be used exclusively for flushing, or for the pool, or for the whole house. Water from the well is also automatically filling the sump, which feeds the garden irrigation, connected to smart home, which does not irrigate during rain. The sump has capacity of 8 m3 and collects rain water from eaves. It also has floor drain to prevent overflowing in case of long rain. As long as the 30 m deep well has enough water, there is nothing else than managing where it flows, you have to worry about. The house has even a circulator which pushes hot water through conduits, so you will never have to wait for the cold water to drain.
  • The house is also designed as a relaxation center. Other than the heated pool and fitness, which you can create in one of the 5 rooms, there is an infra sauna for 4 people. Infra sauna is, as opposed to classic sauna, generally better tolerated. Infra sauna causes more sweating, because of the character of heat, which is natural for human body, therefore absorbed deep into the tissue, creating great therapeutical effect for asthma, cardiac system, allergies, joints and helps to lose weight.
  • Lights are smart as well. You can control them from your smartphone, or by classical light switch. In bedrooms, halls and toilets are installed “fireflies” in the floor, connected to motion sensors, which allow you to go to the toilet in night without waking anyone up by switching on the lights. In the living room is both direct and indirect lightning which can be set to any color you desire. There is also a smart light on the street-side façade, terrace, in the pool under the water and in the garden. This creates gorgeous sceneries and illuminates beauties of stone walls, bamboo fence and exotic plants in the night.
  • If you drive an electro-mobile, you will appreciate two charging plugs in the garage. Thanks to the alternator, you can drive practically for free.
  • Electricity is also distributed to bathtub and toilet in case the new owner would like to install whirlpool or “Japanese” toilet :)
  • The house is ready even for “island system”. However, it assumes that there will be enough water in the well and there will be available technologies to make electricity from alternative sources. There are available photovoltaic panels and batteries, today, however their initial cost is still high, making them not economical, despite benefits from the state. Nevertheless, technological advance is quick nowadays and it is up to the new owner if he will install the new technology. The original owner applied this philosophy in the case of natural gas as well. It is lead to the grounds, but not to the house itself. The reason for this is life-long dependency on suppliers, which are partly politically unstable countries. Furthermore, it is a depletable resource and its burning damages the air we breathe. Making electricity is therefore not yet absolutely clean, however in the future it is 100% possible.


Room layout in the house is very practical and generous. It is divided into 4 zones:

  • Technical zone – 45 m2 garage, fitting 2 cars, with plenty of room left. There is also a technical room in the garage, which is soundproofed and fitted with basin if you want to work in the garage. On the other side from the technical room is a storage place for tools, lawnmower, bicycles or a baby-carriage. There is big storage room in the attic as well, with 32 m2 of space and 2.5 m height, which is accessible from the hall via folding stairs.
  • The main zone is meant for parents. It includes master bedroom 4 x 4 m, a wardrobe, toilet and a master bathroom. The bathroom is exotically styled, and it contains 1 x 4 m shower, big designer bathtub, two basins and a sauna.
  • The secondary zone has 3 rooms measuring 16, 12 and 12 m2, perfect for second bedroom, study, fitness, studio, guest room or nursery. It is separated from the living room by doors and a hall with second toilet and a bathroom. Each toilet in the house contains a basin and a bidet. The smaller bathroom with 6 m2 of space contains a bathtub with shower and two basins.
  • The social zone is 50 m2. The large living room, which includes a spacious kitchen with dining table for 6 people, is possible to enlarge by additional 70 m2 of terrace in summer days thanks to the glass doors without threshold. Very practical is the pantry, with water distribution for washing machine and dryer. It will surprise the new owner how much can be stored there if he decides to install shelves. It is accessible both from the kitchen and the master bathroom.
  • The main advantage of this layout is that each zone has absolute privacy. Thanks to 20 cm thick walls and quality doors. There is access to the terrace from both bedrooms via glass doors.
  • It is important to note that ceilings’ light height is most of the time 2.75, which makes every room more radiant.


With environment and health in mind.

  • Recuperation (controlled ventilation) is one of the most important aspects of the house, because even in the most isolated houses, ventilation introduces cold or heat into the house and raises costs for heating or climatization. Thanks to recuperation, you will never have to open a window again. The air is exchanged every two hours in the whole house without losing heat. This prevents concentration of moisture and carbon dioxide, which improves health. Furthermore, during inversion, you can breathe microfiltered air, which is less toxic than the outside air. Another advantage of recuperation is that it can cool down the house by 2-3 ˚C in the summer.
  • External insulation
    • 20 cm of polystyrene under the floor
    • 20 cm thick polystyrene coating of the house
    • 30 cm of insulation wool under the ceiling
    • The garage is also insulated by polystyrene from the living zone, yet is heated as well.
  • Smart blinds
    • Blinds are not only for practical shading, but can serve as heat control as well. Being connected to the smart home, the owner can programme their position in regard of the position of the sun, the season, outside temperature, etc.
  • LED lights – are better at imitating natural daylight and save living costs.
  • Very energy-efficient kitchen appliances with energy efficiency labels A or A+.
  • Windows with 6 chamber, double isolated, frames with three-layered glass guarantee long-term stability, no condensation and great insulation. They are facing north, which diminishes the need for air conditioning, that often causes health problems. There is always a pleasant temperature of approximately 24 ˚C in the house, even on the hottest days. If the windows were facing south, the house would qualify as passive, however in the summer the blinds would have to be shut or there would be need for air conditioning, otherwise the house would be extremely hot. This way, it qualifies “only” as low-energy house, but is way more practical for living.
  • The house is very energy efficient, the living costs (water, electricity, trash) are about 2 500 Kč, which is also good for the environment.
  • Theoretically, the house could qualify for the Blower Door Test, measuring air permeability, used for state grants for passive houses. This was achieved by plastering jamb linings, where otherwise can escape heat through the perforated bricks, filling every light switch and power outlet with silicone, insulating every crack in the corners of the floor with special cement and using special foil and tape for passive houses between the ceilings. All the materials are high quality, so according to manufacturers, they will last for decades.
  • “Thermal bridges” in foundations, upper circuit, around the windows and doors were consulted with experts on passive houses. The folding stairs to the attic are also meant for passive houses.


It is unnecessary to describe the visage, photographs speak for themselves, however we can underline some aspects:

  • The most dominant room in the interior is the master bathroom, which is 18 m2 . The bathroom is tiled with venetian tiles and behind the shower with stone tiles. Over the shower is backlit foil with the sky imagery. On the ground is teak grate with white gravel and tall grass. This evokes showering in the nature. The shower is separated from the rest of the bathroom by safety glass, where stands stand-alone bathtub, next to which is a small teak ball table. Only behind basins are ceramic tiles, however covered by big lighted mirror. The tiling on the floor is imitation of wood and stone. This all is complemented by sauna for 4 people, making it more of a wellness than a bathroom.
  • Next strong element is the wardrobe completely equipped with shelves, drawers, wardrobe pole and hidden compartments, so a lady can really brag to her friends.
  • The living room is interesting by its segmentation on the ground and even on the ceiling, which has 3 layers. In combination with the lights and fireplace, it is possible to create breath-taking sceneries.
  • In the nice summer days, it is possible to open the threshold-less glass doors and expand the spacious living room with the terrace, which is mostly under the roof, so no sun heat or rain.
  • Outdoors, the most striking is the pool with concrete wood-imitation terrace. Unlike wood, this terrace is maintenance-free and practically indestructible. You can run from the kitchen, through the living room and jump right into the 1.4 m deep pool, if you want.
  • Interesting element in the garden is the bamboo fence, which elegantly creates privacy at the pool. The fence is complemented by banana trees, live bamboo and palms.
  • Façade of the house is in warm light brown, complementing the green garden and grey-white stone tiling, which is part of plinth, columns in front of the entrance, and other parts of the house. The house is beautifully lighted, and the night light underlines gorgeous segmentation of the façade. The whole façade is lined with wood gratification in teak.
  • The original owner wanted the materials used outdoor to be used inside as well, so the same stone tiles are used to tile sides of the terrace, fireplace and shelves next to it, making an impression of the stone going from the outside in.
  • The tiles in the small bathroom are very nice as well, with colors of various shades of warm brown, as is the rest of the house.


  • There are both classical plants like rhododendrons, red chestnuts or bracken and exotic plants like yuccas, banana trees, bamboos and even frost-resistant palms in the garden. The garden was designed by a garden architect based on demands from the original owner with the goal to create an exotic garden. Realization was then put into the hands of a man working winters in the Caribbean. However, as the garden is yet young, it will transform in immediate years, now it is a mere starting ground. The new owner will be able to watch how it grows every year. The gardener will take care of the garden twice a year, the irrigation is automatic and if the new owner purchases a smart lawnmower, there is nothing he will have to do in the garden. However, if he is a fan of gardening, there is plenty to do.


Perfect combination of peaceful Central Czech countryside and only 20 minutes driving distance from the center of Prague.

  • The house is located in the village of Veleň, containing historic Celtic excavations from 5th-4th century, b.c. The latest excavations were found at the construction site of junior high school, which is only 400 meters as the crow flies. There is also a preschool and an elementary school in the village. Approximately 500 meters from the house is a small forest with a lake, great for nice walks, even with a dog. It is less than 17 km to the center of Prague (Vaclav’s Square) and thanks to tunnel Blanka it takes only 25 minutes to drive to Smíchov. The closest mall is Globus Čakovice, 5 minutes’ drive away, or Letňany, which also has the closest subway station and is a bit more far. The other way, away from Prague, it is only 10 minutes’ drive to Brandýs N.L., with its large woods full of delicious mushrooms, golf court, riding stables, natural aquapark and many more outdoor adventures.



Martin Lípa

real estate agent and regional director
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